GOOD NEWS: Secret Santa Gives School Lunch Lady A New Car

Secret Santa is back in Idaho spreading Christmas cheer, this time the lucky recipient of his generosity is Cheryl Stewart, a school cafeteria worker who’s going through a rough patch. Stewart, a colon cancer survivor, is now supporting her husband as he fights prostate cancer and lupus. She’s doing odd jobs in addition to her job at Teton High School and her van engine recently gave out on top of it all.

Stewart was called in for an “emergency shift” at the school, but instead of work, Secret Santa’s elves were waiting there with a present. They gave her the surprise of a lifetime, a brand new SUV, courtesy of their local Secret Santa.

Shocked and thrilled, Stewart walked down the school hallway to see her new set of wheels. “Thank you so much Secret Santa, whoever you are,” she says. “This is going to help me so much.”

Source: Inside Edition

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