GOOD NEWS: Woman Reunites Wedding Ring Found In Instant Pot Box With Owner

Shiloah Avery was pretty excited when she opened her new Instant Pot box on Christmas morning, but she was really surprised when she found a wedding ring inside. The Port Orchard, Washington woman wasn’t being proposed to, the ring was someone else’s, and after trying to contact the manufacturer, she took to social media to try to return it to the woman it belonged to.

After Instant Pot issued Avery a support ticket for the ring she discovered in the box, she posted about it on a local Facebook page and asked the community for help tracking down the ring’s owner. Later Christmas evening, JoAnn Johnson contacted her and verified that it was her lost ring. After proving it was hers by sketching the ring for Avery, Johnson was thrilled to get it back, just days before her 20th wedding anniversary.

It turns out, Johnson had been shopping for an Instant Pot at their local Walmart and it slipped off her hand. She searched for it, but didn’t find it and even posted to a local Facebook page in hopes of getting it back, but says she had totally given up hope of ever finding it until she saw Avery’s post. Now the women have become buddies and Johnson calls Avery her “Christmas angel.”

Source: Today

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