GOOD NEWS: Nearly Brain Dead Man Recovers After Being Taken Off Ventilator

Last month, T. Scott Marr’s son found him unconscious at home, just a day after his 61st birthday. At the hospital, the Nebraska man’s scans showed signs of brain swelling and doctors determined he had probably suffered a stroke.

Marr was hooked up to a breathing machine in intensive care, but his condition only got worse and with no signs of improvement, his family made the difficult choice to take him off the ventilator. His daughter, Preston, says none of them wanted him to be lying in the hospital bed any longer than he had to. But then the day after they’d gathered around him to say goodbye, the family got a call that he was responding.

An MRI showed Marr actually had a condition called posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome, and hadn’t had a stroke as suspected. He was nearly brain dead, made an amazing recovery and now Marr has left the hospital to continue recovering at home. And he’s got the perfect new nickname now, “miracle man.”

Source: Inside Edition

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