GOOD NEWS: Lost Teddy Bear Reunited With Owner After Hawaiian Adventure

At the end of a lovely family vacation in sunny Hawaii, Anna Pickard returned to her San-Francisco home and discovered her son’s teddy bear, Sutro, hadn’t made the flight back. Her son was in tears because he left the beloved stuffed animal in the pull-out bed in their hotel room, but Anna emailed the Grand Hyatt Kauai where they had been staying and got the best response from Julien Woerpel, their housekeeping director.

Hotel staff had found Sutro, along with Kauai, a newly purchased toy Hawaiian monk seal. Woerpel, a father of two young kids, says he empathized with the situation so he helped to make sure the teddy bear had an amazing time during his extended stay. Sutro became a VIP guest as they took him around the resort and took photos of him having a blast, with his new buddy Kauai.

Woerpel emailed the family photos of Sutro and Kauai hanging out with the employees who found them, at the hotel spa getting a manicure, going for walks, and lounging by the pool. Anna left a postcard on her son’s pillow from Sutro, explaining that he was having so much fun in Hawaii that he decided to stay a few extra days, but that he’d be home soon, once his vacation of a lifetime was over.

Source: CNN

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