Dierks Bentley Recalls The First Time He Heard His Tour Opener Jon Pardi

Dierks Bentley kicks off his “Burning Man Tour” on Thursday, with special guest Jon Pardi, the third time Jon has come out with him on the road.

Dierks distinctly remembers the first time he heard Jon sing, which was on his bus at some “random gig” in California. “I remember hearing it on my bus, through the walls of my bus… and going, ‘Okay, there’s something really cool going on,'” Dierks shares.

Dierks was so taken by what he heard that he got off the bus to go and watch Jon, noting he was, “just slaying it, slinging these words out there and playing telecaster.” He says he instantly knew “this guy is going to be someone,” adding this was “probably ten years ago.”

Source: Dierks Bentley

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