GOOD NEWS: Homeless Man Gets Reward For Helping NFL Player Stuck In Snow

After Kansas City was hit with several inches of snow, a homeless man named Dave was helping drivers who got stuck on Highway 40 get out. He helped a stranger who was trying to get to the Kansas City Chiefs game pull his new BMW out of the snow using his old Suburban - which he lives out of - having no idea the guy wasn’t just trying to go watch the game, but that he was actually playing in it.

The stranger Dave stopped to help was Chiefs guard Jeff Allen and he went on to the game after his car was towed out of the snow. The NFL player wanted to thank his rescuer later, but only knew his first name and the type of car he drove, so he put the powers of social media to work to locate Dave. He tweeted the story, explaining,

"I want to give him tickets to the AFC championship game for helping but don't have a way to contact him.” And it didn’t take long for the news to reach Dave.

Dave - whose last name is Cochran - heard about Allen searching for him, but didn’t even have his own Twitter account, so he set one up and made a video telling Allen he was the man who helped him. He says the reward means a lot to him and that he’s a lifelong Chiefs fan, but has never been to Arrowhead Stadium. “God bless him,” Dave says. “I’ve never been to a football game in my life.”

Source: CBS News

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