Gillette Ad gets Backlash

Have you seen the latest Gillette ad? As we shared earlier this week, the razor company rolled out its “The Best Men Can Be” campaign on Monday to stop excusing the bad behavior of men and boys and to fight against toxic masculinity. 

Naturally, everyone has an opinion about the ad because it’s provocative. Chrissy Teigen – who actually modeled for them when she first started – was on the company’s side. Others who weighed in positively included Maria Shriver, Rainn Wilson, and Jessica Chastain. Shriver said, “My son…just sent me this powerful ad. It gave me hope and chills.” Wilson said he’d be sharing the “powerful and much needed” ad with his son. Meanwhile, Chastain said, “Thank you…for this reminder of the beauty of men. I’m so moved by your call to action #TheBestMenCanBe.“ 

On the flipside, Piers Morgan said in his column the ad was “one of the most pathetic, virtue-signaling things I’ve ever endured watching.” And Meghan McCain told her cohorts on “The View” that she doesn’t “love the ad.” Her take was that it was a backlash against traditional masculinity. 

  • What say you? If you haven't seen it, check out the ad ...

Source: Us Weekly

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