GOOD NEWS: Mom Calls 911, Firefighters Feed Baby, Shovel Driveway

After not being able to wear her wedding ring during her pregnancy, new mom Jessica Griffin says she forced it on her finger recently, but it didn’t take long for her to regret it. She says her finger started to swell and turn blue quickly, and when she realized the ring wasn’t coming off, she called 911 for help.

Griffin says the Olathe Fire Department arrived quickly and got to work on her ring, but while they were working, her newborn, Luke, woke up. The Kansas mama was overwhelmed because her baby needed to eat but she couldn’t feed him while they were getting her ring off, so the firemen offered to take care of it. She says one of them gave Luke his bottle and even burped him. Eventually they had to cut her ring off, but a second crew showed up at her house to help and they let the dogs out for her and insisted on shoveling her driveway and patio.

“I felt like I had a room full of angles and the comfort they provided was God sent,” Griffin says. “We take advantage of these people in uniform and I think they need more recognition for these smaller deeds that help people tremendously.”

Source: KMBC

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