GOOD NEWS: Strangers Rescue 96-Year-Old Woman Seconds Before Train Hits

An elderly driver was rescued from her car by two good samaritans and a police officer seconds before a Metra train crashed into the vehicle. Antoinette Lazzara was stuck on the tracks at a railroad crossing in Lombard, Illinois and was apparently disoriented and couldn’t get out of her car as the train got closer.

Lombard Police officer Dan Herrera saw the vehicle was stuck and he jumped out of his car to help, as did several other strangers nearby. Steve Spapperi and Justin Mueller and another unnamed man ran over and pulled the elderly woman out of her car as the lights of the train rounded the corner. They carried her to safety because she couldn’t walk well with her cane and less than 10 seconds later, the train smashed into Lazzara’s car.

Lombard Police Chief Roy Newton recognized the heroic efforts of the men who helped this stranger. “It’s nice to know that we still have people that act when others are in need,” he says. “I truly believe that they helped save a life this day.”

SourceABC 7

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