GOOD NEWS: Facebook Post Leads Stranger To Find & Return Lost Ring

It started off as an amazing vacation for Doug Cotty and Michele Arias, but their trip to Costa Rica last month took a turn for the worst after the newly engaged couple lost her engagement ring. He popped the question at the top of a volcano, but they lost the ring - which was built around a one-carat diamond that had been in his mother’s family for generations - on the beach and never found it in the sand before they had to pack up and head home to Charlotte, North Carolina empty handed.

A few days later, Arias posted a plea to a Facebook group for residents of the area of Costa Rica where they stayed, hoping it would help get the ring back if anyone had found it. Someone commented that “David Harris has been known to recover things,” tagging him, and that was a game-changer. He’s an American expat who was trained to use underwater metal detectors as leader of a rescue dive team and had found missing rings and keys for folks before and he put his skills to work to find this engagement ring.

Once he started looking, he says it only took him about 20 minutes to locate the ring and on January 9th, about a month after it fell into the sand in a foreign country, Harris messaged Arias that he found it! Getting that ring back to her finger wasn’t quite so easy though. Harris didn’t trust Costa Rica’s postal service and DHL doesn’t handle jewelry that expensive, so Arias was going to fly down to get it herself, but a friend’s parents were vacationing nearby and were able to bring it back to North Carolina for the couple.

Arias is thrilled to have her engagement ring back on her finger and she tried to pay Harris for his trouble, but he refused the $500 reward. “I appreciate that,” he told her, “but I don’t sell people’s own property to them.”

Source: Miami Herald

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