GOOD NEWS: Mom Saves Daughter After Car Falls in Freezing Pond

A mom in Canada miraculously rescued her four-year-old daughter from their car after it slid into a freezing pond and started sinking. Ashley Holland was driving in Nova Scotia with her little girl, Macy, when the car hit black ice and slid into an embankment. It rolled down, landed on its roof, and the windows shattered, so water started rushing in.

Holland managed to crawl out of a car window, but really struggled to get her daughter out. Finally she got back in and freed Macy from her carseat in the back seat and got them both out of the car through a broken window. The mom got them back to shore and soon Captain Ryan Richard with the local volunteer fire department happened to drive by and stopped to help and check their vitals. Neither of them showed signs of hypothermia, mom has some cuts and bruises and swollen legs, but Macy has no injuries.

Richard says considering the temperature of the water and how young Macy is, it’s an

“absolute miracle” they both survived. “In my 26 years in the fire service,” he says, “I’ll be honest, normally these are fatalities.”

Source: New York Post

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