GOOD NEWS: Good Samaritan Holds Umbrella Over Deputy

An act of kindness was captured in Birmingham, Alabama recently, when a stranger held an umbrella over an officer during the funeral procession for a fallen officer. Someone snapped a photo of Jefferson County Deputy Sheriff Tiffany Dial standing in the rain saluting as police Sergeant Wytasha Carter’s procession passed through the city while a man shielded her from the rain with his umbrella.

After the photo caught the attention of people online, local news station WMBA posted a call on Facebook to find the mystery man and it turns out, he’s Shawn Allen, deputy district attorney of the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office. He says was working that day and went outside to pay his respects as the procession passed, that’s when he saw Deputy Dial and lent a hand. He says he had an umbrella and she didn’t and that it “was just a nice thing to do.”

But to Deputy Dial, it means more. She says he didn’t say a word to her and she didn’t even know he was there because her hat cut off her peripheral vision, but Allen’s kind gesture really got to her. “It wasn’t just about keeping the rain off me,” she says, “it meant a lot more than that.”

Source: CNN

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