GOOD NEWS: Teens Rescued After Being Stuck In Snow Storm

California teens John Paul Hansen and his girlfriend McKenna Kelly had been to the High Sierra area before, but on a recent trip to the mountains, they got stuck in a heavy snowstorm. The young couple says they underestimated how quickly weather can change and found themselves stuck on a back road in one of the worst winter storms, they couldn’t get the car out and had no cell service to call for help.

John Paul says he left to find help, but admits he didn’t know if he was going to make it. McKenna waited for hours and then feared the worst and left John Paul’s dog Marley in the car and went off to try to get help, but she wasn’t dressed for the knee deep snow and didn’t get far before turning back. She sat in the car, soaked from the snow, writing notes to her family, in case she didn’t survive. But what she didn’t know was that John Paul was able to call 911 and rescuers were on the way.

Within a few hours, Placer County Search and Rescue were on the job and asked a local snowmobiler to be on the lookout. And before long, he found McKenna and she and John Paul were saved. The teens are still shaken and dealing with frostbite, but they’re thankful to be alive and hope their story helps keep others safe.

Source: CBS Sacramento

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