GOOD NEWS: Boy Spends His Savings Buying Gas Station Worker A Bike

Like a lot of kids, 10-year-old Vaughn was saving his money to buy something big. But the boy from South Africa wasn’t planning to buy a toy with his savings, he was going to use it for a family vacation, but then he had a change of heart.

A few months earlier, Vaughn’s mom, Mandy Fish, says he met a gas station attendant, Tony, while they were filling up the car one day. Tony talked about bicycles with Vaughn and the two became fast friends, chatting whenever Mandy stopped for gas. On one of their visits, Tony asked the kid to be on the lookout for a reasonably priced bike for him and Vaughn agreed.

But not long after, Vaughn approached his mom to ask if he could use his money for something else, instead of a family vacation. He told her he wanted to use it to buy a new bike for Tony instead and she agreed, and Tony was surprised and thrilled to get his new set of wheels from his young buddy. Mandy says the generous gesture made her heart full and that it’s the most proud she’s ever been of her son.

Source: Sunny Skyz

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