GOOD NEWS: Dunkin' Employee Saves Man's Life At Rest Stop

A Dunkin’ employee in New Hampshire is being called a hero for saving a man who collapsed outside the chain after he suffered a heart attack.April Merchantwas working at the Dunkin’ at a rest stop outside Manchester when a drive-thru customer told staff members that someone was on the ground.

Security footage shows a man identified asDavid Woodfalling down and he is reported to have been unconscious for eight minutes before anyone found him. April ran outside and started CPR immediately, having learned it in a mandatory college class. She kept going until an ambulance arrived and doctors say that saved his life. The father of three is now walking and talking again and should be out of the hospital soon.

Wood’s mother,Felicia Bertramis grateful for her son’s hero. “Even the doctors said, if she had not done that, he would not be with us,” she explains.”


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