Woman gets Act of Kindness on a VERY bad day

A North Carolina mom says she recently experienced the worst day of her life, but she was also blessed with the best act of kindness.Emoni Hardy,of Garner, went through every parent’s worst nightmare when she found out her 19-year-old son had been shot.

Hardy went to the hospital and learned that her son had been shot in the shoulder and was relieved to see him awake and talking, after fearing the worst. When he was discharged, she stopped at an ATM to get $60 in cash to pay for his prescriptions, but when she arrived at the Walgreens, the money was missing. She’s not sure if she dropped it or what, but it was gone and the already emotional mom was in tears at the pharmacy.

She called her brother to come pay the bill, but before he arrived, Hardy says the manager came over and told her it was taken care of. She told Hardy “Go take care of your son. We have kids, I have a son and I understand.” She says she cried again, but this time it was tears of joy. Now she says she and her family are looking forward to doing something good for someone else, adding, “You’ve got to pay it forward.”

Source:ABC 7 Chicago

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