Kindness of Strangers

A writer asked people on Twitter to share the kindest thing a stranger has said or done to them and hundreds of replies poured in. So many touching acts of kindness were posted and these are some of the best.

  • A consoling hug from a stranger while in tears and stranded at an airport alone at 17-years-old.
  • A kind woman defended a little girl who was being bullied and fat shamed by a group of boys at the public pool. She got the boys kicked out and hung out with the girl, painted her nails and shared her trashy magazines.
  • A woman stepped in to say “I THINK YOU LOOK GREAT!” to a pregnant woman at the grocery store after another stranger stopped her to say, “I was NEVER that big.”
  • An empathetic older couple told an exhausted mom and dad, “You two are doing a great job” after they got off a red-eye flight with an overtired six-month-old baby.
  • A man who had a panic attack in San Francisco had a kind hipster escort him home to make sure he was okay.
  • Driver honks at man who as stopped, waiting for an older woman to cross the street. Man gives him the finger, driver honks again, then follows him to the parking lot … to shake his hand and say sorry after he realized the situation.
  • A woman fainted on the subway and a “kind, elderly Chinese woman who spoke no English” waited with her and fed her grapes until EMTs arrived.
  • A stranger stopped a woman from jumping from an overpass over the autobahn after she had a stillborn baby. He listened and let her cry, then told her he didn’t understand why bad things happen to some, but to keep hope things will get better.
  • Man waited outside restaurant to warn family their car’s brakes were bad, then replaced their brake system for free to keep their kids safe.