Teens teach 5 year old skateboarding

To celebrate her sonCarter’sfifth birthday last week,Kristen Braconi took him to a skate park in South Brunswick, New Jersey. Carter, who has high functioning autism and ADHD, was riding his scooter when a group of older kids stopped to teach him how to ride a mini skateboard.

These kids took the time to show Carter how to balance on it, gave him words of encouragement, helped him back up when he fell, and even sang happy birthday to him later. His mom says they went above and beyond to help her son and had no idea he has autism. She shared a video of the act of kindness on a community Facebook page and says she wanted the parents of these kids to see how kind and respectful they are, even when mom and dad aren’t around.

"They wanted to do that for him and their kindness and inclusion without knowing anything was going on with him, it was amazing," Braconi says. "They did so much more than they knew."


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