Top Signs Your Dog Is Your Therapist


Top Signs Your Dog Is Your Therapist

He’s the only one around when you’re lying on your couch talking about your problems

Your dog wears glasses

The dog peed on the depressing newspaper headlines

You’re grateful your dog can’t speak because she’s the only one you’ve vented all your wrongdoings to

Your dog’s name is “Dr. Melfi”

Sometimes you see the neighbor talking to your dog too, so it clearly has other clients

Your dog accepts your insurance

It always barks at your parents, because like all therapists, it blames your parents for your issues

When you’re pretending to be fine, your dog gives you those eyes like, “dude, I can totally tell you’re faking”

Your dog sits with you for only an hour at a time

Your dog is the only living thing that has seen you cry in nearly seven years

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