Free Hugs:)

While Pittsburgh was celebrating at the city’s Pride Parade over the weekend, one guy was there just to spread some love. By his count,Howie Dittman gave away more than 700 free hugs that day. He shared in a Facebook postt hat he and his group were sporting “Free Mom Hugs” and “Free Dad Hugs” T-shirts and hundreds took them up on the offer.

Howie and his fellow huggers were there to offer love and support to the LGBTQ+ community, many of whom have strained relationships with their own families and are missing that connection. Howie says that he gave lots of super happy hugs, but way too many that were sad because the folks aren’t accepted by their family for who they are, so he encourages parents to love and accept their kids. He says his group of kind volunteers “look for opportunities to change a world or two, and we do it.” And we say, keep up the good work, Howie!

Source:Scary Mommy