Family creates Neighborhood Food Pantry

For his third birthday this year,Miles Herndonwanted to build something and since his parents already use the kids’ birthdays as a time to give back, the family decided to make a Little Free Pantryfor anyone in need in the community. The Boise, Idaho family asked friends and family to bring canned goods instead of presents to Miles’ birthday party to be used to stock the pantry.

Macy Miller, Miles’ mom, says they had a $40 budget to build the Little Free Pantry and used recycled materials to create it. They keep it stocked with canned food, baby items, and other necessities, and throw in fun stuff like water guns and crayons when they can, and some neighbors help fill it as well.

“It’s helping people and that’s great, we’ve never once had it taken advantage of,” Miller explains."Take what you need, leave what you can. It's just giving. Everyone's got their times of need.”


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