Navy Pilot reports UFO

We've all heard UFO stories before but it's always different when the person who is telling you the story actually encountered and came face to face with one.

That's the story we are finally getting from Matthew Spanopoulos,a Navy pilot, who says that some things you see you never forget, especially the night he believes he saw a UFO four years ago.

It's a secret he and his friends kept for a long time, but he kept a picture and video. "I'm thinking I don't want to be that guy being looked at as seeing the UFO. I didn't get abducted, nothing probed, I just wanted to put out there what I saw because I saw it with my own two eyes, and I'm a very sane person," Spanopoulos said.

The 2015 video of his encounter was recently released. You can hear a Navy pilot describing an object outside his cockpit window while on a military training mission off the coast of Jacksonville. 

He's grateful that he can actually talk about it and feels that other pilots will also be coming forward standing firm on their experiences with UFOs. 

Source: News4Jax

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