OK is NOT on the WORST drivers list!

We all may think we’re excellent drivers, but with the amount of accidents we see on the road, that’s obviously not true. In fact, drivers who hit the road this July 4th weekend should beware since the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety claims the holiday is the deadliest day on the roads.

Of course, there are some cities were folks are better drivers than others. Allstate Insurance looked at claims across the top 200 cities in the country to determine which cities have the safest drivers, and Brownsville, Texas tops the list again this year. In Brownsville, drivers go on average 14.95-years with the national average being 10.57 years.

Top Ten Safest Driving Cities

(average years between collisions)

  1. Brownsville, TX (14.95)
  2. Boise, ID (13.65)
  3. Huntsville, AL (13.39)
  4. Kansas City, KS (13.21)
  5. Laredo, TX (13.02)
  6. Olathe, KS (12.66)
  7. Fort Collins, CO (12.60)
  8. Overland Park, KS (12.44)
  9. McAllen, TX (12.42)
  10. Cape Coral, FL (12.24) 

As for the worst drivers, folks in Baltimore, Maryland earn that “honor” for yet another year, with driver going only 4.2 years betwee collisions and Allstate signaling out their Highway 695 as their most dangerous road.

Ten Least Safe Cities To Drive In

  1. Baltimore, MD (4.2)
  2. Washington, D.C. (4.4)
  3. Boston, MA (4.9)
  4. Worcester, MA (5.1)
  5. Glendale, CA (5.3)
  6. Los Angeles, CA (5.8)
  7. Springfield, MA (5.8
  8. Providence, RI (6.2)
  9. Alexandria, VA (6.2
  10. Oakland, CA (6.3)

Source:Allstate Insurance

And if you'd like to know what NOT to do on the road...watch the video!

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