Puppy FOUND after weeks alone in the desert

Michael Crocker and his four-month-old yellow Lab mix Bella were on a cross-country drive from his college in Alabama to his home in California. Crocker was exhausted and fell asleep behind the wheel in Arizona, veering off the road and flipping his car. When he came to, he was only worried about the puppy, who was nowhere to be found.

Weeks went by and Crocker was giving up hope of ever seeing Bella again, but then someone spotted her in the desert. The pup’s leash had been caught on a bush and she was down to nine pounds, but she was okay. Bella is now back with her owner and she doesn’t want to leave his side. He’s grateful to have her back and says, “I definitely want to make her feel like she’ll never have to spend another night alone again.”

Source:Inside Edition

And in case you love watching puppies reunited with their people...check out the video below

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