Mom buys shoes for ALL the kids in need

A mom in Arkansas bought out an entire Payless’ shoe store to give to families in need. 

Carrie Jernigan had no idea when she took her kids shopping that she’d be going home with 1,500 pairs of shoes. Apparently it all happened after her daughter asked if she could buy Avengers sneakers for a boy in her class because his shoes were too small. Inspired by the nine-year-old’s thoughtfulness, Carrie said yes. Then, “almost jokingly,” she asked the cashier how much it would cost to buy the remaining inventory. Since Payless filed for bankruptcy and shutdown all of its stores, the sale prices made the shoes affordable. 

The family said they plan to throw a back to school bash on August 10th at their local middle school. They also teamed up with Kibler Baptist Church to give away school supplies.

Source: MSN

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