6 Legged Puppy helps bullied teen

An adorable eight-week-old puppy who was born with six legs has found a happy home with a teen who knows what it’s like to be a little different. Luke Salmon,a 15-year-old from the U.K. who suffers from psoriasis and has been bullied for his skin condition, has adopted a Labrador-mix puppy who has an extra front leg on each side.

Luke’s mom,Lauren, says the puppy hops around on her back legs like a kangaroo, so they’ve named herRoo. The family found the puppy online and when they came to meet her, she came “bounding out” of her pen, jumping on her hind legs, and Lauren says “it was love at first sight” for her son and his dog.

“We absolutely love Roo to pieces,” insists Lauren. “She’s just a normal dog to us—just with a couple of extra bits.

Source:Good News Network

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