GOOD NEWS: “Kindness Kid” Doing Nine Acts Of Kindness For His 9th Birthday

Most kids can’t wait for their birthdays so they can get lots of presents, but not Mark Effron. The boy from Clearwater, Florida is about to turn nine and instead of asking for gifts, he’s giving them away instead. Nine of them, one for each year of his life.

Mark has been doing acts of kindness on his birthday since he was four and has earned the nickname: the “kindness kid.” In the past he’s passed out gift cards at the grocery store and delivered flowers to schools and senior centers. His birthday isn’t until October 1st, but he’s got nine good deeds to do, so he’s starting early. So far he’s handed out doughnuts to law enforcement officers and left free quarters on a candy machine at the mall.

“Some people use up all their kindness and they become mean,” Mark says. “I think people should be nice to each other.” And he’s definitely setting a good example.

Source:Action News

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