Not everyone can be happy all the time, and sometimes where you live can play a big role in whether you are a happy person or a miserable one. Well, it seems there are certain cities in this country where people are miserable most of the time, and new list reveals which ones are the worst.

In case you missed it, Business Insider has just come out with their list of the 50 Most Miserable Cities in the U.S., with California guilty of having the most miserable cities, 10, followed by New Jersey with nine.

As for the overall Most Miserable City, that honor goes to Gary, Indiana, followed by Port Arthur, Texas. 

The Top Ten Most Miserable Cities In The U.S.

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  1. Gary, IN
  2. Port Arthur, TX
  3. Detroit, MI
  4. Passaic, NJ
  5. Newark, NJ
  6. Pine Bluff, AK
  7. Flint, MI
  8. Camden, NJ
  9. Warren, OH
  10. Huntington Park, CA

Source:Business Insider

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