Petition for National Trick or Treat Day??

While a lot of kids will be dressing up on Thursday to go trick or treating for Halloween, there are a lot of folks out there who really wish they didn’t have to do it on a school night. In fact a new petition is trying to make sure that never happens again.

Last year the Halloween & Costume Association started a petition to try and get Halloween moved from October 31stto the last Saturday in October, but it didn’t really work. Well, this year they decided to go with a new tactic. The organization has startedanother petition, this time to designate the last Saturday in October “National Trick or Treat Day.”

And apparently there are plenty of folks who like the idea, with the petition nabbing over 153,000 signatures, just shy of their 200,000 signature goal. The petition notes, “With your support, we will create a safer, longer, bigger celebration for ALL by making National Trick or Treat Day official!”

  • But not everyone is down with the idea. “#NationalTrickOrTreatDay(aka "ALLoween") has obnoxiously been made official & it can kiss my a--,"one Twitter user shared."You want free candy, show up on 10/31 Halloween. If you come knocking on the last Saturday of October I won't answer, but if I do you'll get a grape tomato.”

Source:Fox News

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