Woman rescues service dogs during wildfires

When a fast-moving wildfire in California threatened seven service dogs in training,Laura Allen jumped in her car to save them. The had just been evacuated from Santa Rosa because of the enormous Kincade Fire and she drove them to her home in Sacramento as the flames in Vallejo surrounded her car.

Allen says she was on the Carquinez Bridge when the smoke and flames got thicker and ash covered her car, but she had precious cargo in the back and had to move quickly. “The flames just jumped the freeway,” she explains. “It was on both sides, so the only option we had was to do a U-turn on the bridge.”

Eventually, Allen got home with all seven dogs - each valued at $50,000 - and they all made it safely.


One of the amazing dogs that has gone through this program is "Elijah". His story is below...grab some Kleenex. This kills me...

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