Love Letters from WWII returned

While antique shopping in Tennessee, best friends Lindsy Wolke and Megan Grant found a stack of love letters written by a sailor and his girlfriend during World War II. The ladies say once they started reading about Elias Maxwell, who was serving in Hawaii and Japan and his sweetheart, Ilaine, who was back home in New Jersey, they couldn’t stop.

“He loved her a lot,” Wolke says. “You could feel the emotion, every time we read we'd just melt.”

The BFFs bought all 21 of the letters for $88 and then got to work tracking down the family of the couple. Their online search ended in Clementon, New Jersey, where they found the four adult children of Elias and Ilaine, who married in 1948. The couple have both passed away, but their kids now have these touching mementos of the early days of their relationship, thanks to the antique-shopping friends from Tennessee.

Source:Inside Edition

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