Operation Smile is funded by a 9 year old:)

After seeing a commercial about children with cleft palates who struggle to eat, drink, speak, and smile, nine-year-old Abigail Moen was moved to help. The fourth-grader from Eastchester, New York found out about Operation Smile,a nonprofit that provides free surgeries to children born with a tear in their lip or a gap in the roof of their mouth, and she started collecting bottles to raise money for them.

Abigail learned that one surgery costs around $240 and 20 bottles only brings in $1, so she’s been busy working for the cause. But her efforts have already paid for one surgery and she plans to keep going to help more kids. Now she even wants to be a surgeon when she grows up to work with kids who have this birth defect.

“If they have a smile on their face I’ll have a smile on my face,” Abigail says.

Source:CBS New York

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