Bizarre Dating Terms

We all like to think we’re ‘hip’ to the latest dating terms...but are you? Here’s a collection of the latest for those “in the know.” See how many you can guess by the name:

  • Caspering:Ghosting is what puts a lot of singletons off entering the dating pool with the fear of being given the silent treatment from a date. Caspering implies a friendly form of ghosting by giving your match some warning before doing a disappearing act.
  • Fleabagging:Fleabagging referring to those who consistently pick the wrong men.
  • Glamboozling:If you’re stood up, or bamboozled, having pulled out all the stops of getting the fresh outfit, haircut or spa treatment – you have just been glamboozled.
  • Flashpanning:Those who bail out after the first argument or two.
  • Yellow-carding:Just like warnings during sporting events...the “players” let each other know that if the behavior continues a red card may come in to play and the match will be over.
  • Cause-playing: Once a partner becomes an ex they disappear for good...until they suddenly message you out of the blue. And now, they’re not asking you back...they’re looking for a favor from you.

Source:The Sun