Surprised after 20 years of lonely Christmases

An elderly man in the U.K. admitted it’s not easy to celebrate the holidays alone while he was being interviewed on the TV show “BBC Breakfast.” Terrence, 78, says he’s spent every Christmas on his own since his mother passed away 20 years ago.

“And you do feel it very much,” he says with a cracking voice. “You just make yourself a sandwich, and you’d just, well, watch TV.”

TV host Dan Walker asked if he’s like help decorating and getting a Christmas tree and put the request out for help, assuring him they would make this Christmas a great one. And it didn’t take long. Walker came to Terrence’s home that night with a group of local college students bearing gifts.

Students delivered and decorated a Christmas tree and the choir from Oldham College sang “Silent Night,” Terrence’s favorite carol. The act of kindness left him choked up and he wasn’t alone for once. “They’ve done things for me, and it’s wonderful, isn’t it,” he says.

Source:CBS News

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