What will be popular in 2020?

As 2019 wraps up, we can look back and be glad that some things that happened are now in the past - we’re looking at youSean Spicerdancing in lime-green ruffles. What can we expect from 2020? These are some of the trends experts predict will be taking over in the next 12 months. (Check out the full listhere.)

  • Milk baths- They’ve been around forever, even as far back as Cleopatra’s time, and now they’re popular once again. Facebook’s 2020 Topic and Trends Report predicts milk baths - which soften skin with lactic acid - will become more mainstream next year.
  • Grandmillennial style- Your granny’s antiques could become 2020’s hottest home accessories. The term “grandmillennial style” refers to heirloom furniture and traditional decor becoming the look to have in your house.
  • Co-living- Living alone is expensive, so more people are turning to roommates and companies like The Collective, OpenDoor, and WeLive are offering “co-living” rooms - private bedrooms with communal living space, kitchens, and bathrooms - to make it easier.
  • “Sober curiosity”- It’s a movement about questioning the impact of drinking on your well-being and re-evaluating alcohol use before it becomes an issue. It’s already popular and is expected to get more popular in 2020.
  • Pet-friendly excursions- People like bringing their pets with them places and more venues are catching on, like baseball stadiums, movie theaters, and hotels. And we’ll be seeing more doors open to our furry friends next year.
  • 90s reruns- Nostalgia is coming to the small screen in the form of the return of 90’s-era shows like “Rugrats,” “ThunderCats,” “Saved By the Bell,” and “Party of Five.”
  • Flexitarianism- As popular as plant-based eating has become, people still love meat and that’s what flexitarianism is all about. Instead of going totally vegan, people can be “pro-plants, not anti-meat,” and get the benefits of eating less meat without the strict rules.

Source:New York Post