Forget No-Shave November, now it’s “Januhairy.” It’s a campaign that encourages women to stop shaving for the month to embrace their bodies and all the hair that comes with them. According to their website, the idea is “to ignite a conversation and educate one another on the prickly subject of body hair on women” and to “fight against the pressure to conform to unrealistic standards of beauty.”

Januhairy is targeted mainly at women, but it encourages “all genders and identities” to get involved. It was launched in 2018 by college student Laura Jackson as an experiment for women to grow body hair for a month, but now it’s grown into a body positivity and acceptance movement that also raises funds for charitable causes. This year, Januhairy is raising money forTreeSisters, an organization that protects and restores tropical forests by raising funds for reforestation.

Lots of people are here for the idea of putting down the razor for 31 days, but plenty of people are sharing their disgust, like a Twitter user whotweetedthat the thought of not shaving “all the areas a lady is meant to shave” is “most distressing” and “playing havoc” with her OCD.

Source:Women's Health

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