Wonderdog saves sheep from wildfires

A brave border collie in Australia has helped save a flock of sheep as bushfires burned dangerously close to the farm.Cath Hill shared the story on social media of Patsy the hero dog who fearlessly helped herd sheep as flames approached her brother’s farm.

While the fire was tearing through the farmland in Corryong in Victoria, Patsy rounded up dozens of sheep in thick smoke and brought them to the safest spot. While the dog watched the sheep, Hill’s farmer brother battled the fire with a tractor and a tank of water.

Other social media users are loving the video Hill shared of Patsy hard at work and are sending her virtual tummy tubs and praising her for her efforts. She’s gone viral and now Patsy even has her ownInstagramaccount, Patsy The Wonderdog.

Source:The Daily Mail

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