Teens survive by burning homework

Authorities in British Columbia, Canada say two 16-year-old snowboarders got lost in an out-of-bounds area at the Whitewater Ski Resort and spent a freezing night in the backcountry. The teens built a shelter and a fire once they realized they were stranded.

Thankfully, one of them had homework in his backpack, so they burned it to keep the fire going while more than 3.5-inches of snow fell overnight. The boys were rescued when a helicopter spotted them the next morning and they were cold, but in good spirits and just had a bit of frostnip on their hands, according toJim Kyle,manager of Nelson Search and Rescue. Frostnip isn’t as serious as frostbite and doesn’t cause permanent tissue damage.

Kyle says the teens “did all the right things,” and that “they’re extremely lucky.


Snowboarding is a popular sport in the backcountry. Check out the video below...

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