GOOD NEWS: Students And Parents Attend Teacher’s Naturalization Ceremony

After struggling to make ends meet while working as a teacher and raising her five-year-old son in Kingston, Jamaica,Annmarie Smallmoved to America in search of a better life. She moved to Tallahassee, Florida, where she didn’t know anyone, and got a job teaching at Cornerstone Learning Community, a small private school, in 2007.

Small just became a U.S. citizen and when she took her oath, she was cheered on by her current fourth-grade class and former students. There were so many kids at the ceremony, they couldn’t all fit inside the Leon County Federal Courthouse, and afterwards they all surprised her with an “American Party” at the school with apple pie, ice cream, and an all-American playlist made by a student.

"I'm so happy the process is over now because it's been a long process," Small says. "And there were tears of joy because I've had the support of Cornerstone since day one."

Source:Good Morning America

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