Thousands of Inspirational Notes for kids

When students at Amsterdam High School in New York returned to school after a week-long break, they were welcomed with positivity. On each of the 1,200 students’ lockers was a handwritten inspirational note on a colorful Post-it. The messages were all thanks to Lori Stanchnik, whose 15-year-old son is a student at the school.

The mom was inspired to create the uplifting notes because teens deal with so much pressure and bullying at school. She found motivational quotes that would resonate with students and spent seven days writing each one by hand, then put them on lockers with school staff.

Emma Kelly, a senior, says the notes were very helpful and she saved hers in her backpack so she can keep reading it for inspiration. It reads: “Just because your path is different doesn’t mean you are lost.”

Source:ABC News

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