What people think "sexy" looks like

When it comes to finding the perfect mate, not everyone finds the same things attractive in a person. And while a lot of people will say they’re attracted to a person’s eyes, or smile, some folks are attracted to some much stranger traits, and folks are now fessing up. 

A new thread on the anonymous Whisper app has singles sharing the physical traits they find strangely attractive, and some may just shock you.

Physical traits folks find strangely attractive include:

  • “I love long hair on men, pretty eyes and long fingers. Not E.T. long, but almost feminine long.”
  • “There’s something so sexy about a man with dark under eye circles. Call me crazy.”
  • “I get weak in the knees when a man has buff arms and wears bracelets.”
  • “Call me crazy but I love when a woman has stretch marks. It makes her more real.”
  • “I love a woman with no makeup.”
  • “This is odd I know, but I find guys armpit hair attractive.”
  • “Protruding collarbones on a man makes me swoon. It’s basically my only physical requirement, the rest doesn’t matter.”
  • “I love a man with a big butt. My biggest turn on ever.”
  • "I love a girl with hair to her lower back. She could be average, but that makes her way more attractive to me."
  • “I actually love a man with horrible teeth. Straight, perfect teeth do absolutely noting for me.”
  • “I actually love a man who shaves his arms and legs. Hair just turns me off so much.”
  • “I find a man with a huge Adam’s apple so sexy.”
  • “I love a man with a veiny wrist. I swear I’d lick a veiny wrist if a man was down.”

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Want more weird loves? Check out the video below...

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