Little girls gets a Star Wars Bionic Arm!

A young “Star Wars” fan from Tallahassee, Florida just received a bionic arm modeled after her favorite character, R2-D2. Bella Tadlock, 11, was born without a left hand and after raising $14-thousand, she’s become the first person ever to get a multi-grip bionic arm like this.

Bella’s new “Hero Arm” was created by Open Bionics, which has permission from Lucasfilm to give its bionic limbs “Star Wars”-themed makeovers. Now she’s thrilled to have the life-changing cutting-edge appendage that works by detecting signals from muscles in her arm. She also got a call fromLuke Skywalkerhimself, Mark Hamill,to congratulate her on her arm.

“It was wonderful talking with Bella & seeing her incredible new#R2D2HeroArm– This is what a real-life hero looks like!” Hamilltweeted.

Source:New York Post

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