Websites to keep your kids happy on their "break"

Online Fun And Educational Website Can keep Your Kids Content At Home- You don’t have to stress about what to do with the kids while they are home from school on a “coronavirus break.”

There are plenty of fun and educational websites you can take advantage of. The upside of all this upheaval, is that parents are discovering what’s been out there educationally (for FREE) all along.

Here are some great sites to have your kiddos explore:

  • Fun Brain. Ideal for preschoolers through eighth grade, there are leveled educational games for math and reading, and even online books.
  • Sesame Street. This site has hundreds of video clips and games that help with the preschool skill sets of colors, numbers, letters, and emotional development.
  • Starfall. This awesome site has a large variety of educational activities and is well known among parents who are looking for quality online activities. Besides fun games for preschoolers, also offers a variety of reading activities for older kids through plays, nonfiction, and comics.
  • CoolMath. makes learning fun with its virtual “amusement park of math” activities. was created for kids ages 13 and up and addresses grade level math was created for developmental ages three through twelve, while is for preschoolers.
  • How Stuff Works. Is your kid interested in knowing how, why, what, when, and where? How Stuff Works break down subjects into kid-friendly, easily understood explanations on everything from weather to cars to money. This site is also full of games and videos for interactive fun.
  • 4-H Stem Lab. Science experiments abound at this 4-H website, where everything is marked by grade level. Find activities for biology, chemistry, math, and even engineering. Secondary perks of these experiments are that they are step-by-step and also coded for level of messiness and the length of time needed to complete them.

For more FREE sites,check here.

Source:Charlotte On The Cheap

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