A New Home for a stray

Things are starting to look up for the chihuahua who was found locked inside a small crate on the side of New Jersey highway Route 80 last month. He was “frozen in fear,” but now the eight-year-old dog has been rescued by Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge and has been named Stanley. He’s finally getting the love and attention he needs and getting healthy, too.

Megan Brinster,executive director at the animal refuge, says Stanley weighs 21 pounds, about twice what he should weigh, and he’s now being fostered by an owner who has experience caring for dogs with disabilities and medical complications. The community is rallying around Stanley and people are chipping in to help buy him a wheelchair and physical therapy services.

"Stanley's story is really about the power of transformation," Brinster says. "It comes from love and care and believing we can make a difference."


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