Best and Worst Drinks for the heat!

Keeping your body hydrated may sound boring, but as everyone knows it’s really important to keep your body healthy—it regulates critical functions, keeps your immune strong and improves your sleep.

There are good and bad choices when it comes to hydration, so take a look at the list to see if you are sticking to what nutritionists are recommending.

Best Drinks For Hydration

  • Water—a no-brainer, calorie-free and readily available
  • Sports Drinks—drinks like Gatorade may be helpful after a workout but beware of artificial colors, excess sugar and sweeteners
  • Tea or Coffee—beverages with a caffeine boost that may be more beneficial than energy drinks

Worst Drinks for Hydration

  • Energy Drinks—can be a bad choice because of too much sugar and other unwanted ingredients such as caffeine
  • Alcohol—any alcoholic beverage is dehydrating—you should always take a one water to one drink ratio if it’s hot outside
  • Hot Cocoa—not a great choice because of the thick consistency and added sugar. You are better off with water than with a fancy ‘dessert’ beverage to stay hydrated


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