Do the 50 Yard Challenge!

A few years ago,Rodney Smith Jr.helped an elderly man who was struggling to mow his yard in Alabama and it started a movement. He decided to mow grass for free for the elderly, disabled, single parents and veterans and turned his good deed into a nonprofit. He also created the“50 Yard Challenge” to encourage young people to mow 50 lawns for those who need help in their community and to do it for free.

A pair of teenage brothers in Michigan have stepped up to the challenge and now Smith is coming to meet them in person.Sam Westland, 16, and his younger brotherHunter, 13, have spent the last few months doing free lawns for those in need, having finished 51 since April. The challenge offers kids prizes along the way and once they hit 50 lawns, Smith hits the road for an in-person visit and he’s bringing them a new lawn mower, weed wacker and blower.

The boys are helping others, but they’re getting something important out of it, too. “They appreciate what we do," Sam says of their customers. "I’ll have those people as friends for ever and ever.”


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