Inmates help dogs through July 4th

Fireworks may be a crowd-pleaser on the Fourth of July, but dogs aren’t always fans of all those loud noises. And some inmates in Brevard County Jail in Florida spent the holiday comforting homeless dogs scared by the fireworks and festivities.

The inmates read, played with and fed dogs at the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Animal Care Center during peak hours of celebration. It’s the second year they’ve done it and it’s as much about the people as easing the animals’ anxiety.

The sheriff’s office explains, “Our goal is to not only help calm the dogs but also to help build and instill a sense of purpose and compassion in the inmatesthat will hopefully aid them as they transition back into society once they have served their time."


Luckily, this isn't the only Prison/Pets program out there...Check out the video below...

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