Rescue Dog saves the day!

A rescue dog in Tennessee became a holiday hero when she alerted her owner to a house fire next door.Roux, a three-year-old Belgian Malinois, woke up her ownerJeff LeCateswith “frantic and unusual barks” on the Fourth of July, according to the Franklin Fire Department. When he opened the door, the dog ran out and LeCates saw his neighbor’s house burning.

He ran next door, banged on their door and was able to wake the family of three and their pets. They got out safely, no one was injured and LeCates used a garden hose on the flames until firefighters arrived.

And it turns out, the woman whose house caught fire is near and dear to Roux. She’s a dog groomer who helped LeCates adopt the dog 15 months ago. She knew he lost his German Shepard and knew Roux needed a home, so she brought them together and now Roux has repaid the good deed.

Source:ABC News

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