Teens teach to help others

When the pandemic canceled their lacrosse season,Owen Estee and Zach Appel found a way to use their skills in the sport they love to help feed people in need. The 15-year-old players in the San Francisco area started “Lacrosse Against Hunger,” where they coach kids and teens in exchange for donations to a local food organization.

They teach other young players lacrosse for $25 a lesson, and follow local health guidelines, including practicing social distancing, wearing masks when coming on and off the field, and limiting class sizes. They’ve raised more than $2-thousand to provide 2-thousand meals for groups that serve the homeless, foster youth and low-income seniors, kids and families.

“It’s such an amazing feeling,” Owen says. “I’ve had parents tell me that their kids call it the highlight of their summer. It’s something they look forward to every week.”

Source:ABC News

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