GOOD NEWS: BFFs “Parent Trap” Their Parents Into Dating & It Works

A pair of best friends from San Jose, California, wanted to set their single parents up together and it worked. Allison and Catherine shared the story of how they “Parent Trapped” - aka set them up on a date - in a now-viral TikTok video.

Catherine’s mom, Terry and Allison’s dad, Kiyoshi, had both been single for over 10 years when the besties decided they would hit it off. They thought there could be a love connection because of the very random things the parents had in common: their mutual “obsession” for “Mamma Mia,” their favorite jazz artist Diana Krall and their love and connection to a local restaurant, The Pastaria & Market.

The BFFs tried to arrange an impromptu run-in at a park concert to introduce their parents, but plans fell through and the couple actually met when they ran into each other at a winery later. He got her number, they had a successful first date and the rest is history. Now Catherine’s mom and Allison’s dad are in love and everyone is thrilled.


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